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Age is just a number and no one would prove it better than Cesar Quinn. At only 17, the singer/songwriter/producer shows so much maturity and boldness that one could think he has already gone through several lives. The prelude of Cesar’s opus opens with classical music. With a pianist as a father and saxophonist as a mother, he learned the cello at the early age of 6. Following a festival in the summer of 2013, the then-teenager discovered electronic music and acquired a DDJ mixing table that led to his very first production work. Maintaining the crescendo, he later dived into singing, songwriting and acquainted himself with the piano and the guitar. Nothing could stop the determined, hard-working musician who became a maestro in knowing all the rules… only to break them.

Whether it comes to music or fashion, the young artist absorbs every note of the masterpiece that is life, only to rearrange them and turn them into its own peculiar, avant-garde symphony, layering vocals and genres ad libitum. Some call it alternative, others describe it as indie rnb, but one thing is for sure: playing around with jazzy chords, rock guitars, classical harmonies and even going as far as using Corsican traditional singing, Cesar Quinn’s music can’t be put in a box. When every other teenager desperately dreams of fitting in, he just strives to be different. Not afraid of experimenting, he uses his words and organic melodies to transcribe his emotions and orchestrate them in contemporary, dark and moody performances reflecting the abysses of his mind. Full of ideas and devoid of banality, Cesar Quinn is slowly, but surely, writing an audacious score that should resonate with many.
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