WEIRD !S GOOD considers an Artist as someone extraordinary, something "WEIRD" in a matter of speech. We consider this to be a 'GOOD' thing. That's why we think it 'IS' very important to have or to build a personal relation of trust and understanding with the artist in person.
WEIRD IS GOOD offers the full package of what an artist needs, from songwriting to producing, to coaching, performance skills, branding and PR.
James Lowland:  "I have spent many years creating, with the greatest of care and love for music, an environment to support and develop new talents. From helping them find their artistic direction through my productions to building a recording studio and a solid team, I want to provide them with the best tools to nurture their gifts. I am overjoyed to witness that this long-term investment already bears fruits in the short run, with our very first artists’ releases raising many interests from music industry professionals and well-known media. Let the music play: there are plenty more from where that came from!"
They're talking about us!
Elton John - Amery 'I Need Lovin'' :  « This is fabulous! »
OkayAfrica - Amery:  « An incredibly promising talent »
Refinery29 - WAYI: « Her plainspoken lyrics are biting in the best way. The minimal music lets her vocal flow lead the track, something that's a hallmark in Soundcloud rap but that most artists have a hard time translating to other genres; that shift is part of what makes SZA's music so appealing. »
Madmoizelle - Amery: « Dès qu’il se met à chanter, tout s’éclaire »
Wonderland Magazine - Ivy Mode: « The sweetest new export from Belgium »
Entertainment Weekly - Ivy Mode: « Twenty-one-year-old Filipino/Belgian singer Ivy Mode delivers big bass and sultry swag on her debut single Money Can’t Buy »
AXS - Amery 'I Need Lovin'':  « The song could probably best be described as an undiscovered early Michael Jackson vocal track found and brilliantly mixed by James Lowland »
ELLE France - WAYI: « Sa voix va vous obséder… WAYI est la nouvelle coqueluche du rnb »
DJBOOTH - WAYI: « It sounds like bedroom music at its best: soft and sensual »
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